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Daily use in Management Studio - #2 Template Browser

Another useful thing you use every day is Template Browser. There are templates of Create table, Createlogin, Create database, Create Index, Linked server, etc. in T-SQL saved in Template Browser.

You can also create your own template, create your own scripts and use them easily.

Find Template Browser under "View" and then "Template Explorer" or short cut "Ctrl + Alt + T"

You will see a panel on the right, when you right click on "SQL Server Templates" you can create new "Folder" or "Template".

In my case it looks like this:

As you can see I created folder Pigeon and in this folder is my scripts.

So, if you have a script that you use very often, template browser will make your work easier. Just one duble-click on the Script and you can run it.

I hope that I made your work easier.

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