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SQL Server 2019: New features!

The latest SQL Server 2019 version is SQL Server 2019 (CTP) 2.2 which Microsoft announced at 10.12.2018. What is actually new in SQL Server 2019? What can we look forward to? There are a couple of interesting new features, new tool and new version of Management Studio. The most interesting described below.


1) Linux:

SQL Server 2019 on Linux supports Replication, SQL Agent support these publications:

  • Transactional

  • Snapshot

  • Merge

Next news on Linux:

  • Always On Availability Group on Docker containers with Kubernetes

  • Machine Learning

  • OpenLDAP support for third-party AD providers

  • New container registry

2) New Tools:

  • Azure Data Studio

  • SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) 18.0

3) Database Engine

  • Scalar UDF Inlining

  • Static Data Masking

  • Database Compatibility Level - COMPATIBILITY_LEVEL 150

  • UTF-8 character encoding

  • Resumable online index create

  • Intelligent Query Processing

  • Always On Availability Groups - more synchronous replicas - Up to 5 replicas

  • Hybrid Buffer Pool

And next a few things like:

  • Master data Services will be depend on HTML instead of Silverlight

  • Certificates will be manageable in QL Server Configuration Manager

For detail information please visit official documentation on MSDN.

See you nex time!


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