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Daily use in Management Studio - #1 Registered Servers

In the Management Studio exists "Registered Servers" - for someone it can be a very helpful thing as well as for me.

I use it at work every day! It is a time-saver. The basic way how to connect connect to another Instance, is following:

In the window "Object Explorer" click "Connect" then "Database Engine", open new window and you have to fill "Server name"!

These steps you can change only one doubleclick!

Let's show how to do it easier.

Open Registered server, (Ctrl + Alt + G) or click "View" and then click "Registered server".

Registered server

As you can see I have added several servers. If you want to register new server, right click on Local Server Groups and choose "New Server Registration...".

There you can fill everything you want. For example Server name, Authentication, your name of server and next setting in Connection Properties tab.

After the new server is registered and you want to connect, double-click on it and server will appear in Object Explorer among other servers.

And that's all! Only one doubleclick!

Exactly the same procedure is applicable for servers SSAS, SSRS and SSIS. As you can see below:



I hope I was helpful.

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